Cloud Computing and its impact on Software engineering processes



4th International Conference on Information Technology Management, Communication and Computer


Zahra Nasiri Aghdam


The This study, besides providing an introduction to cloud computing and extensive development occurring in the world of software, aims to examine significant impacts deriving from cloud computing on Software engineering processes. Effects from cloud computing on the field of software engineering in addition to saving time and manpower have brought about substantial assistances in quality and decrease of risk. This technology in scholars’ opinion has been so important, mentioned of the world’s ten top technology list. As expected, this method likewise the Internet that has introduced a new chapter of life to people, can transform people’s lives throughout the communities. This study followed by an introduction to cloud computing, applications, advantages and challenges, ended in an overview on components of cloud computing. To any software, stages of analysis, design, implement and support the software so- called with software development life cycle, that are fulfilled based on the type of project and one of the software development models. In this study, an investigation into effects from cloud computing on software development stages has been provided, and the advantages by comparing software development stages at ordinary mode and a mode in which a software develops in clouding mode, have been clarified. To sum up, by the development of Software in the cloud mode, the stages of design, implement and support the software with lower cost and at the same time with more dynamic structure can be carried out.